9 Casino Tricks That Keep You Gambling For More Cash


If you’ve ever entered a casino, odds are you were instantly pulled in by the blaring music and flashing lights. The excitement of spinning a wheel or rolling dice makes it easy to get caught up in the moment, forgetting about your basic needs for food and sleep. This is how casinos keep people gambling for longer periods of time — and making more money for them in the process.

While casinos may have demographic information about their audience, they do not know why those people are there. They may be visiting from out of town with a free afternoon, or they could be on a business trip with a meeting nearby. The truth is, if you want to truly understand your audience, you need to look at their behavior and see how they are engaging with your space.

From the moment they walk into a casino, patrons are surrounded by sounds and sights that are designed to lead them to spend more money than they intended to. From the swaying of the carpet to the subtle shift in lighting, casinos use everything they can to encourage customers to keep playing. While some of these tactics are unethical, others are simply based on human psychology. Here are nine tricks that casinos use to keep you gambling for more cash.

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