About History-of-Germany.com

I enjoy traveling to Europe, especially Germany, Austria, and Italy. I like photography. And I love history.

This website is the result.

I know the pictures I take aren't likely to ever hang in any gallery; I have no idea how to shoot an 'artistic' photo. Sometimes I have a lot of time, sometimes only an hour to see a museum or architectural site before I have to leave. I just take pictures of what I find interesting, and that I hope convey some sense of wht it is like to actually be there, both for those who will never have the opportunity to go and for those who want to see if a particular place is worth their time on a limited itinerary.

On the other hand, I take hundreds, if not thousands of pictures on each trip, and every now and then, even a blind squirrel finds a nut, as they say. If any of my pictures strike your fancy, I do sell prints or transfers to canvas. At some point, I will automate this, but at present, just send me an email and we can work something out. Prices will vary based on format, the cheapest being $50 and large canvasas a few hundred. This may seem high, but there's nothing I can do about it. At the low end, most of the cost is overhead and at the high end it's mostly the printer's fees.

Our Contact Information

Email us at: info at history-of-germany.com -- sorry for the obfuscation, just trying to make it harder for the scammers to skim the address. You can give also us a call at +1-970-316-3138 -- ask for Dean if you need information on an item, or Chris if you're checking on an order or shipment or payment. If you're a credit card company or any other sort of telemarketer vermin, please ask for 'air horn' because that's what you'll get anyway.

Copyright and Fair Use

All images and text are copyrighted by me and may bot be used for any reason without permission. However, if my website is given attribution, I support at no charge most research, hobby, and similar nonprofit websites (except political - I like German history and the 3rd Reich is a big part of it's 20th century story, but I have no tolerance for intolerance or far right politics).

What we Buy

The family business consists primarily of writing. Our secondary business is dealing in German history, postal history, and related ephemera.

As such: if you have a collection of stamps, postal history, or (sometimes) coins of Germany, Austria, Italy, Zeppelin covers, we would love to give you an offer. Scans are helpful to determine if it isboth our interests to proceed, however, we have to have such material in our hands to evaluate and give a firm offer. Please give us a call first (no unsolicited mailings, please, they are not covered by insurance) and we can try to determine if it's worth your while to send to us. But again, we can't give firm offers unless we have personally examined the collection.

We do not buy individual items or small groups.

Our Websites

Gothic Postal History

Highest quality stamps and postal history of Germany, Austria, and Italy.

German Postal History

Largest online selection of German Postal History in the USA.